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March 10-16, 2013

We stayed at Highbourne Cay Marina until the 12th - fueled there on the 11th to prepare for departure.  We're finally getting a clear weather window that will let us move on (thankfully - this place is terribly expensive!). 

March 12, 2013

Got under way this morning just after 9 a.m.  Traveled 51 miles today, reaching Eleuthera about 3:30.  As we pull in to this small harbour, there are a few moorings to each side of us, most appear to be taken.  There is one to port, but it's the only red one in the harbour, so we're assuming it's a reserved mooring.  We head off to starboard, intending to seek out a good spot to drop our anchor.  As we slowly make our way over, I notice a dinghy come flying up towards us - I'm assuming they're going over to the dinghy dock nearby.  As they approach, they wave - so of course, I wave back.  I go on scouting the anchoring possibilities, when I hear my name called.  I look back at the dinghy, now close enough to see its occupants, and discover Dave and Diane from Boot Scootin!  Haven't seen them since Mobile!!  Wow!!  They come over and tell us to go ahead and head back over to the red mooring - there had been a sailboat using it, but it had left.  And all the moorings here are free!  Yeah!  They zoom over to it in their dinghy to claim it for us, as there is now a sailboat entering the harbour.  We go over and tie up with their assistance.  Awesome to see them!  Made arrangements to join them on their boat for cocktail hour once we get settled in.  So over we go, about 4:30 or so, and board Boot Scootin.  Big hugs "hello" for Dave and Diane, and we meet their latest traveling companions, Mike and Jean, from the sailing vessel Tomorrow's Dawn.  Spent a couple hours with them, enjoying the company and yummy rum punches and appetizers, before returning to our boat to bring Sailor to shore and have some dinner.

March 13-14, 2013

Hung out here, once more awaiting an acceptable weather window to proceed on our journey.  Found an "ok" grocery here, and a liquor store.  Had lunch in a little local place, "Da Bar" - was rather delicious, actually!  Chicken and Ribs - well done, island style.  Looks like weather will be turning good again on the 15th.  So, the evening of the 14th calls for another cocktail party - this time we're hosting.  More rum punches!  And tonight, snacks are chips and a nacho-style dip - torn into with a gusto!!  But necessary so that we have the appropriate meeting of the minds to plan tomorrow's trip, as we'll all be traveling together.

March 15, 2013

Off we go at 8 a.m.  Short, comfy day today, just 27 miles, anchors down by 12:15.  We've anchored off Charles Island, near Spanish Wells.  Planning a couple of days here, using tomorrow as a sight seeing day.  Got into town and rented a golf cart for an hour - this got us over to the bank (ran out of cash!), and stopped for lunch on the way back.  Saw a little bit of the island.  Stopped in at the grocery at the dinghy dock, and found that they run a water taxi/land taxi service that we expect to take advantage of tomorrow to run over to Harbour Island. 

March 16, 2013

Got up, took care of dog duties, then headed in to the dinghy dock to start today's adventure.  Got ourselves set up for the taxi adventure - worked out perfect.  Took a water taxi over to where their land taxi awaits us.  Land taxi took us to the main ferry, which zipped us across to Harbor Island.  Spent the most part of the day there - unfortunately discovered upon arrival that, due to Spring Break, there were no golf cart rentals available.  So off we go, hoofin' it.  Walked up and over to the other side of the island, to the famous "pink sand beach" - wasn't quite as pink as we expected, but you could see it slightly.  It's from the pink coral in the area.  We walked along the beach, eventually selecting a beach access that lead up to a restaurant/bar.  Turns out to be a rather pricey place, the "Blue Bar" at the "Pink Sands Beach At The Narrows", and we're kind of between breakfast and lunch, so we just opted for (expensive) mimosas instead.  We were chatting with the waitress, telling her of our boating adventures and related stories.  Mentioned that we tried (and failed) to get a golf cart - she went off to "make some calls" to see if she could turn one up for us.  Returned with the bad news that she couldn't find one - but said she "felt so bad for us" that we were to take her own private golf cart, as long as we returned it by 4, and just "give her a little something" for it.  Amazing!  So off we go, able now to explore the whole island.  Found a liquor store selling cheap "roadies" (beers to go!), toured a small Straw Market, saw a couple of their historic sites and nice local real estate.  Went to a little bar and grill called "Sip Sip" for lunch.  Shared one order of lobster quesadillas - and brought 3 pieces home with us!  Delicious.  Very nice tour of the island - well worth the day trip!  Returned the borrowed cart with a big "thanks" (and a monetary thanks as well!).  We couldn't have seen all we did without her generosity.  Before we left for our return ferry/taxi trip, got ourselves an order of conch salad to go.  That, combined with lunch leftovers, will be perfect for dinner.  On home again, back aboard by 3 - gave us an hour to rest up before tonight's cocktail party, to be held aboard Tomorrow's Dawn.  Oh boy - more yummy rum, and great apps.  Sheesh - this ain't bad, huh?  Back to doggie duty, then on to a delicious dinner.  One could really get used to this . . . .



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